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Cheestick is a certified and veterinarian recommended brand of dog chew manufactured in Nepal. It is very famous among the dogs in many countries across different continents. It is a trademark registered brand owned by Zephyr Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Nepal is a topographically small yet very beautiful country abundant in natural resources. The Himalayan ranges of Nepal is well known to the whole world as the top of the world Mt. Everest resides in Nepal. Its mountainous landscapes not only provide scenic beauty but also lots of nutritious herbs. This is where Cheestick is very different from other commercially manufactured pet foods. The raw materials for Cheestick comes from special breed of cows milk named as Chauri. Chauri Cows spend their entire lives at above 5900 meters altitude surrounding the Mount Everest Region. Hence, they gaze upon only the natural herbs available at that altitude and as a result their milk contains nutritious ingredients in large quantity. The end product of Cheestick is a hard cheese popularly known as Durkha or Churpi in Nepal. This rock hard tasty stick is now available to your lovable dogs in the form of dog chew.

The entire manufacturing process of Cheestick uses scientifically proven traditional methods and recipe using only natural raw materials. There are no added preservatives, chemicals or artificial flavoring. The core ingredients are milk, salt and lime juice.

The products are tested and certified in government authorized labs of Department of Food Technology and Quality Control; and Department of Livestock Services for each and every batch of manufacture for quality assurance . Our products are clinically tested both before and after manufacture to maintain the standard of quality that we promise to deliver. During the production every single piece is meticulously examined and those which pass the quality tests are only supplied/exported. Being in the business for quite some time, we can confidently say that dogs from different parts of the world love our products.

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