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C & K Exports


Exporter of all Australian made pet food products including dog & cat food. Mainly exporting frozen all natural raw pet food products. Please see below brief on the raw pet foods in particular that we export. Currently being exported to other asian markets inlcuding China, Taiwan etc. where it has been very popular and there is a lot of good feedback.

Raw dog food is really where the market is headed. Where people are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of RAW diets for the dogs and cats over canned/dried products.

Since Raw diets are closer to the natural form of what dogs/cat eat in the wild, it is in a form that is more easily digestible, and the nutrients are more easily absorbed by the animal.

Similarly, cooked or processed food (like canned or dried dog/cat food) lose all their nutrients, due to the heating or cooking process. Whereas raw diets do not under go any process that would reduce the quality or content of nutrients in the food.

So the dog/cat benefits 100% from each ingredient in the food, and it is more easily digestable.

Each variant is also carefully formulated to provide the dog/cat with a complete and balanced diet. Containing meat, fruits and vegetables.
one consistent benefit that the raw dog food provides, that most consumers give feedback on, is the benefit to skin allergies.
Majority of skin allergies are a result of the canned/dried dog food and their lack of nutritional benefits.

However, with raw dog food, consumers advise their dog’s skin instantly improves.

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