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Pwani Sealife Kenya Ltd. is an Exporter of;
1. Live Ornamental Tropical Marine fish ranging from Angels fish, Butterfly/Bannerfish, Clownfish, Wrasses, Scats, Parrot Fish, Surgeon Fish, Trigger Fish, File Fish, Blennies, Sleepers/Gobies, Puffer Fish, Poisonous Puffers, Porcupine Fish, Box Fish and Cow Fish, Hawk Fish, Snappers, Sweetlips, Round Heads, Goatfish, Eels, Bat Fish, Lions/Scorpionfish, Frogfish, Groupers/Basses, Sharks, Sting Rays, Rabbit Fish, Pipe Fish and Trumpet Fish, Razor fish, Barracuda, Velvet Fish, Apogons, Caranx, Remoras, Moon Fish, Sand divers, Threadfin Fish, Damsels, Dragonets, Cat Fish, Squirrels, Flying Fish, RARE FISH and INVERTEBRATES AND SOFT CORALS sach as Anemones/Mushrooms, Shrimps, Crabs and Lobsters, Sea Fans, Sponges, Mulluscs/Annelida/Sabellida, Starfish, Sea urchins, Live Rock and Coral Sand

2. Seafood like Live Mud Crabs, Live Lobsters, Nile perch fillets and Frozen Prawns.
Our shipment is done by Air.
Please let me know your list of requirements.

Contact Details
  • PWANI SEALIFE Kenya Ltd.Company Name:
  • Mr.Jeffery Key Contact:
  • Business ManagerJob Title:
  • 95644Address:
  • MombasaCity/Town:
  • CoastProvince/State:
  • KenyaCountry/Region:
  • 254-041-2317465Tel:
  • 254-041-2317465Fax:
  • http://www.pwanisealifekenya.comWeb:
  • Exporter, Distributor/Wholesaler, Trading CompanyBusiness Type:

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