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Zhuojue N95 Premium Functional Bentonite Cat Litter

- Zhuojue N95 Premium Functional Bentonite Cat Litte
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Zhuojue N95 Premium Functional Bentonite Cat Litter
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Zhuojue N95 Premium Functional Bentonite Cat Litter
Posted on: 2023-03-20
Product Details:
Model Number:Zhuojue N95 Premium Functional Bentonite Cat Litte
Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Zhuojue
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity:Bag/Bags
Packaging Details:10Kg vacuum packaging
Price Terms:USD
Supply Abiity: per Time

Zhuojue N95 Premium Functional Bentonite Cat Litter Product Description

We produce Zhuojue?cat litter, natural essential oil cat litter, which is vacuum-packed to produce almost no dust, so as to reduce the damage of dust to the urinary system and digestive system of pets.
Zhuojue N95 is the most classic functional bentonite cat litter in the Zhuojue series. This product has a high moisture absorption effect, strong wrapping properties, is not easy to disperse after clumping, and has moderate strength. Ammonia oil is specially added to it, which can quickly and efficiently remove cat feces Odor molecules such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia in the air can make the odor dissipate. Nano-silver composite technology dissolves water to release nano-scale metal silver, which combines with bacterial protease to inactivate it, thereby achieving the effect of active antibacterial, so that cats are no longer a petri dish for bacteria. In addition, the "large package vacuum cat litter" which is rare on the market is specially created, which is different from the small package vacuum cat litter on the market, and is more suitable for cattery, farms, training bases and multi-cat families. Vacuum packaging can minimize cat litter in the cattery The degree of dust generated by friction during transportation and handling can protect the cat's respiratory health and prevent it from getting mouth and nose diseases.?/div>

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