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CityPets Cat litter bedding Silver protect

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CityPets Cat litter bedding Silver protect
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CityPets Cat litter bedding Silver protect
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CityPets Cat litter bedding Silver protect Product Description

For thousands of years, silver has been known for its antimicrobial activity.

The ancient Romans treated their water with silver coins to maintain its purity. In medicine, silver has played an important role since the 19 century.

While silver metal is historically recognized as being antimicrobial, it is not the pure silver that is active, but the liberated silver ions. The effect of silver ions stems from 3 key mechanisms:

  1. Binding and damage to the bacteria cell surface.
  2. Inhibition of respiration by suppressing transport of vital Ca and Zn ion across the cell membrane.
  3. Binding strongly to electron donor groups on constituent bacterial molecules containing sulphur, oxygen or nitrogen.

All bacteria use enzymes in order to metabolize nutrients and create energy, much the same way humans metabolize food. Silver ions disrupt these bacterial enzymes and stop energy metabolism and electrolyte transport, thereby effectively suffocating the bacteria. 

Silver ions also slow the processes required for the bacteria to replicate. Additionally, silver binds with components of the bacterial cell wall, the layers of which provide protection and structure to the cell. The ions create structural imperfections within these layers, resulting in the collapse or burst of the bacteria.

Bacteria in animal bedding is activated my moisture. On the other hand, moisture activates the silver ions embedded in CityPets products. The silver ions bind to bacteria proteins, deactivating the odor-causing bacteria.

Regardless, skin exposed to silver and silver particles is not a concern as silver is non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

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