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Drool Stop - Blue

- 5700002144218
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Drool Stop - Blue
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Drool Stop - Blue
Product Details:
Model Number:5700002144218
Brand Name:Drool Stop
Material:Foodgrated sillicon/plastic
Size 2:Diameter 140 - 240 mm
Quality 1:uces drool and slobber
Quality 2:Turns the bowl transportable
Quality 3:Childproof of the bowl
Quality 4:Prevents vomiting by the dog
Quality 5:Usable for any dog
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity:110 Packages of 55 pcs
Packaging Details:Selling units of 55 pcs - in Cardboard Box Dimensions: 390x400x290 Weight: 12,6 kg.
Delivery Time:Depends of origin of country
Price Terms:EUR 7,33
Payment Terms:T/T, PayPal
Supply Abiity:1500 Piece/Pieces per Day As of 30 days

Drool Stop - Blue Product Description


Revolutionize your waterbowl!

By Kvik-poulsen ApS, Denmark

Guaranteed effect - Or money back for the customer!

We, as the only ones on the market, guarantee areduction in drool and slobber, when your dog has been drinking from thewaterbowl! This means less mess around the waterbowl, as your dogis prevented from splashing around. At the same time, we secure your bowl,to become spill free!

We guarantee an effect or money back for the customer.The money back comes from us, this secures your and your vendors profit. Afew demands must be met. We need a receipt, to be ensured that Drool Stopis fitted and used correctly for the waterbowl. When that said, if there is noeffect by using Drool Stop, the full amount of cash can be refunded. Asmentioned earlier, by Kvik-poulsen ApS.


Tested for results 

We can guarantee an effect, because we know thereis one!

Through studying how dogs drink, Kvik-poulsen ApShas developed this unique solution.

No one has our unique tongueshaped drinking hole imbeddedin their product, which is why we are the best to prevent drool& slobber after drinking. 

No one has our unique adjustment options whilealso keeping bowl sealed tight.

We are pat. pend. & very unique!


Drool Stop comes in two colors  

For the time being Blue transparent & Cleartransparent is the colors which Drool Stop can be acquired in, both arein foodgraded materials which can be recycled.

No matter which bowl you wish to use at home, theclear transparent can go with any style, as it is very neutral.

The blue transparent is also very neutral, also madeto supplement your own style.

Made to fit everyday life! 


Easy to adjust 

Drool Stop is adjustable, this makes it possiblefor Drool Stop to fit 6 different sizes.

These 6 different sizes in Drool Stop can fit alot of bowl sizes. Not all bowls between 14 and 24 cm is usable withDrool Stop.

Also, the tongue shaped drinking hole isadjustable, therefor it fits all breeds. The lines surrounding thedrinking hole is only a guideline, but to ensure less drool and waterwaste we recommend it left elongated, instead of round.


Ready for action! 

Drool Stop is ready for action, whether it is; at homestopping drool, slobber & waterwaste with up to 95%. -Outsidekeeping the water free from birds and foreign elements.-Anti-splash refreshment for your dog on the-go by car, bus, train, boator plane. Drool Stop is ready to save water! 


Drool Stop advantages: 

• Best drool & slobber reduction!

• No splashes around the waterbowl

• Spill resistance

• Food grade material

• Recyclable after adjustment & use

• User-friendly

• Ideal for transport

• Unisize -Drool Stop is adjustable (dogs & bowls)

• Saves water - On a grand scale!

• Thoroughly tested

• GUARANTEED EFFECT or money back!

• Helps dogs who drink too fast

• Pat. pend. -Not just another product

• Developed, designed & produced in Denmark 


Kvik-poulsen ApS 

We are a new company located in Denmark. Our missionis to ease everyday life around the waterbowl for dogs and owners, allover the world. While clean drinking water resources is saved. Theenvironment is for us a very important factor, we hope you feel the same.



Phone: +45 5115 6895 |Mail: | Web: /.de

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