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belloop huntington Dog lift swimming suit

- bhpb
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belloop huntington Dog lift swimming suit
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belloop huntington Dog lift swimming suit
Product Details:
Model Number:bhpb
Brand Name:Belloop
Material:Neoffrand,NBR,Airphrine,imitation leather
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity:50
Packaging Details:Poly,Nonwoven bag,
Delivery Time:Two to six weeks depending on the state.
Price Terms:USD
Payment Terms:T/T, PayPal, Western Union
Supply Abiity:1000 per Time

belloop huntington Dog lift swimming suit Product Description

저희 Belloop은 대한민국에 위치한 애견 기능성 아웃도어 전문회사입니다.

Belloop is an outdoor apparel company for pet dogs, and it is located in Republic of Korea(ROK).

저희가 첫 번째로 출시한 제품명 huntington은 미국 캘리포니아 헌팅턴 해변의 이름으로 전세계 최초 애견 서핑 대회가 열린 서핑명소입니다.

Now we introduce a new sports wear, and the name is Huntington. It is named after the famous surfing attraction, Huntington Beach, California, US where the first dog surfing competition was held. 

구명조끼의 투박함은 싫다!! 저희 헌팅턴은 이렇게 만들어 졌습니다. 서퍼들이 입는 서핑 수트를 나의 애견에게도 입히고 싶은 마음에서 만들어졌습니다.

Hate the crude design of life jackets! Let’s put the surfing suits that the actual surfers wear on our loving dogs! This was the start of making ‘Huntington?

인간슈트에는 적용되지 않았던 부력제가 배와 가슴 세 곳에 적용되었으며, 고급 부력소재인 NBR을 이용해 부드러움과 눌림 및 답답함을 최소화 하였습니다. 대한민국 최고급 무시접봉제(오드람프기법)을 이용하여 피부에 자극이나 눌림을 없게 하였습니다. 여러 번의 입수 테스트를 통하여 균형잡힌 부력과 세련된 디자인으로 제작되었습니다.

Advanced buoyancy material called NBR(nitrile-butadiene rubber) was used on the chest and tummy areas and special sewing technic(leaving no margin seaming technic; 4 needle sewing technic) was applied on those areas, and these make maximize the easiness of putting on the suit and minimize the stuffy and tightened feeling in the water for dogs. We’ve gone through the several times of tests in the water, and the balanced buoyancy and refined design can be achieved.

등판은 다이버슈트에 사용하는 소재인 네오프랜을 사용하여 높은 자외선으로부터 애견을 보호하고, 하부는 부드럽고 통풍이 잘되는 에어프린을 이용하여 레저활동에 편리함은 물론 빠른 발수를 통하여 체온유지와 무게감을 줄였습니다. 어깨 나염은 실리콘을 사용하여 고급스러움과 흡착이 좋아 잘떨어지지 않습니다. 또한 가슴이 아닌 등판에 집업을 이용하여 입고 벗기기가 편리합니다.

The material used on the back is neoprene, which is generally used for surfing or diving suit, and it protects dogs from high UV rays and keeps temperature more easily in and out of the water. For the bottom part, air prene material(a functional material, improved permeability which is weak point of neoprene using mainly for orthotic brace) is used, and it increases water repellency and air ventilation. And the print of brand is written in silicone, so it does not simply detached from the clothes. And the backside zipper makes easier to put on and off the suit. 

저희 Belloop은 애견 기능성 아웃도어를 만들기 위하여 항상 새로운 도전을 하고 있습니다.

Belloop always develops new products with clear concept for dogs, and we try our best to be an answer for what you need. 

세계최초 애견 부력슈트 belloop에서 만나보세요.

Come and meet the comfortable, outstanding and stylish doggy buoyancy suit from Belloop!

I want to become an export partner with you.

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