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PernaPure Green Lipped Mussel Extract is used in marine feed applications equine, canine and feline formulations as a feed stimulant, anti-inflammatory and as an exercise recovery supplement.

Owners of professional race horses, companion pets, aquarium and aqua- culture professionals from around the world are witnessing the results from the inclusion of PernaPure Green Lipped Mussel Extract in all aspects of feeds, treats, supplements, attractants and baits improving taste profiles and delivering proven health benefits.

Animal and pet nutritional benefits include:
? Natural anti-inflammatory
? Pain reduction
? Reduces stiffness in joints
? Helps to maintain and sustain joints experiencing high physical burdens
? Feed stimulant for sick or elderly animals
? High in calcium, rich in betaine, omega fatty acids
? Long shelf life, stabilized against rancidity, easy to use and store

Historically, a special high-end equine formula was produced using the mussel meat and shell ?which are high in calcium ?and used in the feed for the foals, to develop a good, strong bone structure, and for optimum health in broodmares and race horses.

PernaPure Green Lipped Mussel Extract contains betaine ?aldehyde dehydrogenase, an enzyme that is involved in the metabolic process. It is because of this enzyme’s action that the Green Lipped Mussel Extract acts as a feeding stimulant. Trial testing has shown that dogs and cats love the taste and smell of Green Lipped Mussel Extract. Its strong seafood odor acts as an attractant to the most finicky domesticated animals helping manufacturers to mask less desirable scents or flavors and to win taste tests by enticing animals to enjoy ingredients they would normally avoid. Green Lipped Mussel Extract is also used in cases where animals may be ill, elderly or suffering from loss of appetite.

Our processing technology developed in our state of the art manufacturing facility allows us to use pure mussel meat that’s been extracted whole, without the shell, in temperature-controlled facilities. The mussel meat is then freeze dried and lightly de-fatted at temperatures -160°C to stabilize the lipids against rancidity. No heat is used during any production process of the mussel powder thereby eliminating any damage to the valuable compounds.

PernaPure Green Lipped Mussel Extract can then be mixed with flax seed products, natural apple, carrot, beet or other fruit and vegetable fibers into a consistent powder and then extruded or pressed into pellets or pucks to produce solid, chewable treats used daily to enhance animal performance, nutrition and health.

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PernaPure Green Lipped Mussel Extract

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