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jesus de nazareth peruvian


we are an company exporters seaweed Dried different varietes. species: moss perlescent. chicoria de mar. moss irleand. chondrus crispus. sea lettuce. ulva lactuca. sea moss. gracilaria. musgo de mar. macrocystis integrifolia. lessonia nigrenscens. chicorea de mar. yuyo. mococho. chondracanthus tenellus. gigartina tenella. macrocystis pyrifera. musgo irlanda. lessonia trabeculata. chondracanthus chamissoi.. suginori. beni. midori. shiro. codium. Gigartina chamissoi.Eisenia arborea . sargassum.sargazo.seamoss Ascophyllum moss.eklonia arborea arame.esparrago de mar. hierva de mar. salicornias alginate sodium.gian kelp. brown. sea cucumbers: patallus mollis. we have two presentations available for human consumption for industry. AGar. carrageen. carragenan. comestic.
Description Carrageenan (Chondrus crispus) Irish moss comes from controlled collection and is free of contaminants, it is like all algae rich in fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals, In the kitchen it is used contactfor sauces, soups, stews, salads, They can also be used as thickening or gelling agents. It is very rich in heterogeneous polysaccharides of the mucilage type (55-60%), which are called carrageenans (kappa, iota and lambda-carrageenans). They are formed by galactans with numerous esterified sulfate groups (up to 25-40%). They differ from each other by the amount of 3,6-anhydro-D-galactose and by the position of the sulfate ester groups. Mineral salts (15%). There are significant amounts of iodides, bromides, and chlorides. It also has significant amounts of arsenic (0.07%). Lipids (2%). Proteins (10%). Qualitative and quantitative composition Heterogeneous polysaccharides. Mucilages like carrageenans like kappa, iota and lambda-carrageenans. Mineral salts. Iodides and bromides. average composition per 100 g: Seaweed Dried Moisture: 9 ASHES: 25.0 CRUDE FAT (OIL): 27gr VITAMIN: A0.2 ENERGY (Kcal: 47 mg VITAMIN: E 1.9 Proteins: 20.5gr Carbohydrates: 68.3gr Fiber: 34.2 gr Potassium: 1,350 mg. Calcium: 1,120 mg. Iron: 17 mg. Magnesium: 600 mg. Phosphorus: 135 mg. Iodine: 24.5 mg PROCESS seaweed black / seaweed golden / is washed 6 times every 2 days with standard PH fresh water; everything is for the time of the sun (dried in the sun) - Store at room temperature in a dry place. Preserve from direct sunlight and direct contact with the ground. Once opened, store in an airtight container in a dry place and consume before the preferred consumption date. - Intent to use: You need previous preparation of hydration and / or cooking. - Hydration: Immerse in water for 5 minutes. Once hydrated, it increases 6 times its dry weight - Cooking and uses: For 20 minutes and use in salads, scrambled eggs, soups, creams, stews and stews. Battered and fried. As a thickener and stabilizer in the preparation of sauces, jams and desserts. - Intent to consume: General public except infants and young children. - Final destination: In supermarkets, fruit and vegetable sections and / or organic product section; specialized food stores, organic stores, greengrocers, herbalists and gourmet stores, national and international?

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seaweed seamoss chondrus crispus  irishmoss
seaweed chondracanthus chamissoi carragenan /carrageen


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