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Sell animal clipper

Sell animal clipper

Product News 2007/11/21 Ningbo Brofa Hairdressing Appliance Co., Ltd

Sell animal clipper
Product Name:animal clipper  Model/Article No:MYR205A  Product Description:1..With the soft shaft replaced by a soft cable, the torque affecting on the maní»s hand as a usual case for the soft shaft has been eliminated.  2.Less power consumption, less money payment  3. Small in dimension, light in weight , reduction of physical fatigue during shearing with hands .   4. Little vibration and low noise during the work.  5.High shearing speed , high shearing quality.  6.There is overcurent protective device in the DC power series charcateristic electric wool shears, provides an automatic protection of the motor from damage in case the latter is overloaded because of unexpected serious jam during the shearing.    


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