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Miyyaw Wet Food Pate

Miyyaw Wet Food Pate

Product News 2024-1-30 Hawhaw & Miyyaw Pet Products

Miyyaw Wet Food Pate

Miyyaw Pate Cat Wet Food 400 Gr

Meet the wet cat food in paste form that we have carefully prepared to offer your cats a healthy and delicious meal. Chicken is a high-quality source of protein and helps your cats maintain muscle mass. At the same time, being rich in omega-3 fatty acids supports skin and coat health. It is rich in fiber that supports digestive health. It contains high amounts of vitamin A and strengthens the immune system while supporting eye health. It accelerates metabolism and increases energy levels with its vitamin content. This special formula is also fortified with essential vitamins to support your cats' health.

Balanced wet food that does not contain gluten and grain.


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