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bentonite cat litter

bentonite cat litter

Product News 2023-08-22 GETTI IMPEX CO., LTD.

bentonite cat litter

Characters & Advantages 

1. Advanced Clumping Technology: Formulated with high-quality bentonite clay, forms tight and fast-clumping, keeping your catís litter box clean and fresh. 

2. Superior Odor Control: Say goodbye to unpleasant odors in your home. Its highly absorbent properties effectively trap and neutralize odors, providing a worry-free environment for you and your love cat. 

3. Low-Dust Experience: We understand the importance of a low dust cat litter, as excessive dust can cause respiratory issues for both cats and their owners, our Bentonite Cat Litter is virtually very low dust, also we do several times dust control procedure during production, ensuring a cleaner and healthier living space. 

4. Long-Lasting Performance: Our cat litter is designed to last longer than traditional litters, thanks to its high absorbency and clumping capacities, this means fewer litter box changes, saving you oth time and money. 

5. Safe: Environmentally friendly and safe for your catís health, totally free from harmful. 

6. OEM service: We welcome your different ideas about the different quality of cat litter, different packages, etc. will give you our great support.

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