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LIFEAPP Orthopedic Pet Bed

LIFEAPP Orthopedic Pet Bed

Product News 2021/2/1 YAO I FABRIC CO., LTD

LIFEAPP Orthopedic Pet Bed

LIFEAPP create cozy spaces for fur-babies.

LIFEAPP pet bed is orthopedic and have many advantages.

It is suitable for all kinds of pets, and can help to relieve their body pressure, especially for old pets and those which have bone disease or need long-term care.

💧Pressure Relieved

After pressing it 80,000 times, it still remains 95% of its thickness. Perfect in support and resilience.



Eliminates any excess heat and moisture effectively, so the pets can maintain a comfortable body temperature while resting.



Easy to clean, so it allows frequent cleaning and only takes a minimal amount of time to dry.



Prevents moisture inside, so it also keeps germs and dust-mites from growing.

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