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35W UVB Metal Halide Lamps

35W UVB Metal Halide Lamps

Product News 2019/9/11 DEREN LIGHTING CO., LIMITED

35W UVB Metal Halide Lamps

Sunlight HID Metal Halide PAR30 Bulbs

UVA+UVB+Heating All-in-one bulb

This is an all-in-one bulb that combines very high light output and heat radiation with optimal levels of UVA and UVB. It delivers a consistent spectrum, which closely approximates that of natural sunlight, contributing to the animalís overall wellbeing.

The combination of the correct wavelength UVB and heat enables the animal to produce itís own vitamin D 3 for proper calcium absorption and to prevent metabolic diseases (e.g.MBD).The powerful light output and the balanced UV rays stimulate the appetite, breeding behavior and the overall health of reptiles.

The aluminum facetted reflector produces an evenly distributed light beam. Aluminum dissipates heat very effectively, resulting in a longer lifespan and a more stable operation than glass reflectors.

Wattage: 35W

Ballast: Required

Radiation UVA: 2700 uw/qcm?5%

Radiation UVB: 130-230 um/qcm

At a distance of :30cm/ 12 Inch

Color Temperature: 5000/5500/6000K

Bea Angle: 40?60?/p>

Diameter * Length: 95*123mm


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