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Utensil for feeding birds

Utensil for feeding birds

Product News 2013/6/3 Omni Pet Trading

Utensil for feeding birds

   People who have baby birds and when your birds have the medically eating problems that you need to use the utensil to feed always face the falling off rubber tube when they feed their birds
   It’s dangerous if the rubber fall into bird’s stomach.
   It may cause your bird die.
   If you have this kind of problem, then, you’ve found the right place!
   We had invented the “Anti-Fall Off” junction by ourselves.
   The advantage is that rubber tube won’t easily fall off from the junction into stomach pouch because the rubber would strongly affix on the junction.
   It’s much safer and sturdier.
   And we have 2 kinds of junctions.
   1. Junction with robber tube
   2. Junction with tube
   There are different sizes about the gadget
   10 cc


   20 cc


   30 cc


   50 cc


   Now for sale and what are you waiting for?
   If you’re interested in our baby feeder, then just click the following address
   Or, you can contact with me via
   Waiting for your call~~



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